Fire On The Floor (CD+Bonus Track) - Beth Hart

Fire On The Floor (CD+Bonus Track) 


RELEASE DATE 3 February 2017
CD $12.99

Beth Hart's new album FIRE ON THE FLOOR will be released in North America on February 3, 2017.

The North American CD will have a bonus track that is not available on the European CD.

Update 04/17/20: Please note that this item is currently unavailable, because of the temporary closure of the MLG office. If you order this item, we will send you the regular European CD (without the bonus track).

1. Jazz Man
2. Love Gangster
3. Coca Cola
4. Let's Get Together
5. Love Is A Lie
6. Fat Man
7. Fire On The Floor
8. Woman You've Been Dreaming Of
9. Baby Shot Me Down
10. Good Day To Cry
11. Picture In A Frame
12. No Place Like Home
13. Tell Her You Belong To Me (feat. Jeff Beck) (Bonus Track)

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