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The Jelly Jam


Steeped in the 70s' classic era of progressive rock, The Jelly Jam featuring DREAM THEATER's John Myung, WINGER's Rod Morgenstein and KING'S X Ty Tabor, return in 2016 with a new album, 'Profit' on May 27 and their first world tour.

The band's first album The Jelly Jam  was released in 2002, followed by 2004's The Jelly Jam 2. The members' work with Dream Theater, Winger and King's X kept the band away from the studio until the critically acclaimed Shall We Descend  in 2011 marked a triumphant return for the trio.

Guitarist TY TABOR's musical pedigree is vast. Not only has he produced The Jelly Jam's four albums, he wrote all three of KING's X top ten songs that include 'It's Love' (which peaked at #3 on the AOR National Radio Charts), 'Black Flag' (that reached #4) and 'Dogman' (that climbed to #6). Ty along with his King's X bandmates have toured the world with powerhouse bands such as AC/DC, PEARL JAM, CHEAP TRICK, SCORPIONS, IRON MAIDEN and many more. The band was also included alongside music industry veterans KISS, STEVE VAI, MEGADETH and WINGER on the much sought after KEANU REEVES 1991 movie soundtrack 'Bill & Ted's Bogus Journey'. The band's 1994 appearance at the Woodstock Festival in Upstate NY was hailed by USA TODAY, The Daily Show's JON STEWART and The King Of All Media's HOWARD STERN as the festival's highlight. KING'S X, who were honored by VH1 as one of Hard Rock's Top 100 bands, are currently putting together ideas for a new album.

Bassist JOHN MYUNG is a founding member of the much revered progressive metal outfit, DREAM THEATER. The group has sold over twelve million albums worldwide and is best known for the band members' musical and technical proficiency. In their over thirty year career, the band has toured with such iconic bands such as DEEP PURPLE, IRON MAIDEN, PORCUPINE TREE, EMERSON LAKE & PALMER, MARILLION, YES, and MEGADETH. They have recorded and released a live album from Tokyo Japan's famed BUDOKAN HALL. Their latest album, 2016's rock opera 'The Astonishing' has received mass critical & fan praise.

Drummer ROD MORGENSTEIN began his illustrious career with the much cited influential band THE DIXIE DREGS before becoming a darling of the '80s rock scene (fueled by MTV) with his much talked about band, WINGER. Charismatic frontman KIP WINGER cut his teeth playing bass for the legendary ALICE COOPER before guiding the band (along with Rod and guitarist REB BEACH) to multiple chart topping singles including 'Seventeen', 'Headed For A Heartbreak' and 'Miles Away'. In 1990, WINGER was rewarded for all their efforts with a 'Best New Heavy Metal Band' nomination from the American Music Awards. After a short sabbatical, the band resumed touring in 2001 and has not stopped since. Their latest album, 2014's Better Days Comin' is touted as one of the band's best ever efforts and finds Rod at his peak. Outside of Winger, Rod has played with PLATYPUS, THE STEVE MORSE BAND, DREAM THEATER'S JORDAN RUDESS and is an Associate Professor at the prestigious Berklee College Of Music in Boston, Massachusetts.

When asked about collaborative efforts of The Jelly Jam guitarist Ty Tabor describes John as, "The forefather of the band," and enthuses that "Playing with Rod has been a lifelong dream. I was a huge fan of his right out of high school and The Dixie Dregs transformed my idea of what a band could do. Rod was a huge part of the insanity on all of those early Dixie Dregs albums. It's just a joy to get to play with him."

The Jelly Jam will support their latest album Profit with a full tour (dates to be announced). As guitarist Ty Tabor explains, "This album is without a doubt the most special moment the band has ever had together and we must make touring real this year to support this album."

Guitarist Ty Tabor describes the album's concept as "a fight between progress and jobs at all cost and not thinking about any future payment that are going to have to be made." Adding further that, "Each Jelly Jam album is very different and we are most definitely discovering new ground. The first album was pretty straight ahead in its nature and vibe. The second album was more about the songwriting and had a very different feel. By the time we got to Shall We Descend (the third album), we were all at different musical places. It had more of a darker edge to it, but we finally realized that we had tapped in to something that was unique to us. There really is no Jelly Jam 'sound'. In order to make Profit the strongest album, we recorded a lot of excess music and chose songs that work together towards the general story idea. Musically and sonically we started experimenting a lot further than we had before. It stands on its own as an album beginning to end with a purpose. It's not just a bunch of songs thrown together. It's an entire journey through a story."